It's never fun when you find out you need a root canal. No doubt you've heard stories about the procedure. The truth is, when you see a good endodontic for your root canal, diagnosis and treatment will be a breeze, and be over within no more than 3 simple appointments.

Trust A Dentist Trained To Treat You With Endodontic Therapy

You'll be feeling fine before you know it after root canal procedure. Know that your dentist's advanced training in endodontic will ensure that your procedure goes well from start to finish.

Choose Dental Implants

If your tooth can't be saved via a root canal or you simply prefer dental implants, you have that option here. Dr. Joseph Halterman, DMD and Dr. Derrick Call, DMD will discuss all your options so you can make an informed choice.

You can also choose the root canal, and later get a filling or a crown to match the rest of your teeth. Regardless, you have options for your oral health, and you'll be educated about them


Many find they are overly anxious during their root canal treatments. Take advantage of nitrous oxide sedation so you will feel so at ease, you may even fall asleep during your procedure.

Schedule regular checkups and cleanings to avoid future treatments. Enjoy coming to an office that offers a variety of dental treatments to you and wants you to have good oral health.

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