When You Need an Emergency Dentist in Vista CA

If you develop a tooth-related issue at night or over a weekend—when most dental offices are normally closed—you may find yourself in need of a Vista, CA emergency dentist.

Vista Family Dental Office is proud to offer this type of service. All you have to do is call us at 760-724-6537 and ask to see an emergency dentist.

Common Reasons Our Vista CA Patients Request an Emergency Dentist

Some of the most common reasons our Vista, CA patients request an emergency dentist appointment include:

  • A tooth that has become chipped, cracked, or broken
  • A crown or filling that has fallen out or been lost
  • Toothache or pain
  • Infection in the tooth

All of these issues are good reasons to contact our Vista, CA office and ask to see an emergency dentist immediately.

What to Do If You Experience a Dental Emergency

If you experience an emergency dental issue after hours, the first thing to remember is to stay as calm as possible. In cases of life or death, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room so you can be treated as quickly as possible.

Otherwise, your next step is to contact our Vista, CA office at 760-724-6537 and request an emergency dentist appointment. Our caring and compassionate staff will make every effort to get you in as quickly as possible, enabling us to tend to your emergency dental needs both swiftly and effectively.

Tips to Better Manage Your Dental Emergency

Though you may experience pain, it’s best to avoid taking any sort of painkiller prior to being seen by a Vista, CA emergency dentist because this type of medication can thin your blood, increasing your risk of bleeding.

Additionally, if you do take something to ease the discomfort, let your Vista, CA emergency dentist know so necessary precautions can be taken to protect your health and well-being during any required dental procedure.

If your gums are bleeding as a result of the damage or injury, firmly hold a piece of gauze over the impacted area. Rinsing your mouth can also help get rid of any bacteria or germs that may be present, reducing your risk of infection. Use warm water so as not to aggravate the area further.

Also, if your reason for needing an emergency dentist in Vista, CA is due to breaking a tooth or losing a crown or filling, try to locate that missing piece so you can bring it to your appointment with you.

Need an Emergency Dentist in Vista, CA?

If you have a dental issue that requires you to see a Vista, CA emergency dentist, contact us today at 760-724-6537. Our staff is available to provide emergency dental services, just one more way we strive to offer our Vista, CA patients high quality oral care.

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